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Best Cellular Blinds. Drapes Grommets. Boat Window Blinds.

Best Cellular Blinds

best cellular blinds

    cellular blinds
  • A Pleateds or Pleated Blinds are pleated fabric shades that pull up to sit flat at the top of a window to hide from sight (thus "blinding" the viewer) or to reduce sunlight, and therefore heat, when desired.

  • A window blind with a single or double layer of collapsible voids that provide insulation when the blind is extended

working the wireless - adjusting the tilt

working the wireless - adjusting the tilt

remember when people had to climb huge towers and manuver roof tops of every type and in every kind of weather to saturate our wireless coverage for phones, computers, ipads and other devices? i can...since this was shot just yesterday.

thanks in advance for your comments, invites and/or fav's. in return, i will visit your stream to comment on and admire your work. most importantly, may your camera never be far from your grasp!

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best cellular blinds

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